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2023 Session

I believe we have a lot in common. All around me I see people who work hard, who value our beautiful coastline, and who want a good education for their kids and healthy, safe neighborhoods. We all want a bright future for the next generation here in Rhode Island. We must start from community and set aside the divisions that stall progress. I will focus on bringing people together to grow investment in our local communities. Let's build a stronger Rhode Island!

Tackle Rising Prices

The middle class is falling behind as inflation surges. Our state needs to do more to lower housing prices, support small farms and fisheries to produce affordable local food, and transition to clean energy so we can control costs and be less reliant on overseas oil.

Build A Sustainable Future
Climate change is impacting our coastal communities, fisheries, businesses, and way of life. We must take action to protect our fragile coastal ecosystem and ground water in the Ocean State, and to create clean energy jobs while we do.

Promote Strong Public Schools

I attended our public schools, and my kids do too. Committed teachers made all the difference in my life, so I know that schools build opportunity for people and communities. Our students, teachers need their fair share of resources from the state for social / emotional support, excellent teaching and a learning environment that offers everyone the chance to succeed. 

Create State-wide Housing Strategy

I came to Charlestown when the bank foreclosed on my parents’ house and we moved in with relatives. I’m proud to own a home now, but I worry my kids won’t have the same chance. The lack of housing that is affordable for seniors, young families and people of all income levels is a state-wide problem that requires a state-wide strategy.

Defend Reproductive Rights

I support a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices, including reproductive choices. Rhode Island’s codification of Roe v. Wade into state law protected these rights in our state, but there is more to do to ensure women of all income levels have access to healthcare. 

Fight for Shoreline Access

Efforts to preserve the public’s right to shoreline access stalled in the Senate this year. I will continue the fight to preserve access to the shore for future generations.

Everyone Deserves Healthcare

Our healthcare system faces a staffing crisis, while the cost of care continues to rise. I have worked for years to increase state funding for healthcare so all Rhode Islanders – regardless of their economic status, medical condition, age or gender – can have the quality care they need.

Aging With Dignity

Every day it becomes harder for older adults to age with dignity in their own communities. I will fight for more resources to improve housing options for seniors, protect Medicaid and increase social programming and transportation. 

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