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Dear Neighbor,

We did it!!

It is the honor of a lifetime to have the people of District 36 elect me to represent them. It is humbling to have a community you have lived in for 30 years trust you to champion their voices. Thank you South Kingstown, Westerly, Block Island and Charlestown. Over the course of this campaign we listened deeply to your voices.


We heard from veterans who want better health care. 

We heard from teachers and parents who want excellent schools. 

We heard from seniors who are worried about inflation and being able to stay in their homes.

We heard from young people who aren’t sure they can afford housing in their hometown. 

We heard from many people who want to protect our coasts and our natural beauty.

People are worried about rising costs. People are worried that services their taxes pay for won’t be there when they need them.


But more than anything we heard that people love this community. And that they are tired of politicians fighting with one another instead of fighting for our future.


We can't let national politics divide us as neighbors. We need solutions, so let’s keep talking even when we disagree. I don’t have all the answers, but I know community starts with listening, with respecting one another, and focusing on what we have in common. We’re not strangers, we’re neighbors.

I believe that we need to make democracy a verb – that’s what this campaign was about. This victory was created by an amazing team of volunteers who made calls, knocked on doors, stamped envelopes, and encouraged their friends to vote. This campaign was a people-powered reflection of our community: people with different backgrounds, priorities and experiences came together to work for our future. 


I want to thank my opponent John Pacheco who ran a respectful campaign focused on issues. I also want to thank state representative Blake Filippi for his eight years of service to our towns and our state. I know Blake worked hard to be responsive, and I will do the same. Whether I earned your vote or not, you can count on me to be available and to listen. 


Together, we can make democracy a verb. Together, we can find common ground and solutions.  

Charlestown, South Kingstown, Westerly and Block Island have incredible integrity and spirit. I am ready to take that spirit and the voices of our community to the State House. Thank you District 36!!


Tina Spears

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